Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17

The dog days are here, that is for sure, but while it's been a productive couple of weeks I can tell the heat is wearing me down so it's time to back off a bit.

I started to notice it more in the past week as I have felt more fatigued especially in my legs. It didn't help matters any that I was overly ambitiously last weekend when I hit the local track to rip off some Yassos when it was over 100. As a result, I was absolutely thrashed for my long run on sunday and barely managed 3 miles before I has to walk.

It was more of the same for the next run on Tuesday where I opted for an easy 3 instead of the scheduled speedwork.

Since I've been here before, I know now that it's best not to fight it and realize that I will be better off to listen to my body instead of try to power through it. I've had enough with injuries to understand that it's preferable maintain my health as opposed to worrying about mileage. It's less than 60 days until the next BQ attempt and there is no way I want to be in the same boat as I was last summer.

After skipping my recovery run on Thursday I planned on getting a long run in yesterday. The only problem with that it this time of year I need to be out on the road no later than 6:30. Unfortunately I was lazy and by the time I got out after 8 it was already 90 and not a cloud in the sky.

Now I don't know about you but what kills me is the sun and not the heat which is why by the 4.5 mile mark the sun had me beat. No matter how well I'm hydrated it just kills me. At this point I knew that I was just going to have to struggle through 8 and maybe shoot for another run later in the day.

After running errands and recovering I felt like another run was in the cards by 6pm. Now even though the temp was around 105 at this point, the sun was lower in the sky which afforded for more shade. This to me is far more bearable so I hit the road for 5.

You may think I'm crazy but run 2 on the day was much better and I was able to maintain a mid-9 pace with little effort. This was a far cry from earlier where high-10s were a struggle. I don't know what it is but the sun just kills me.

The other good thing about doubling up yesterday was that it not only gave me the opportunity to sleep in today but it allowed me to enjoy a fine wine courtesy of one of my fine Twitter friends Dr Debster who by the way scored a PR in the Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half today, achy achilles and all. I raise my glass to you DA.

And with that, it's back to the cube farm tomorrow and hopefully back on schedule for September.


  1. I agree — I can handle more heat/humidity if there is shade. Having the sun beating down on me makes me feel like I am literally boiling my insides! But here, too, I'm starting long runs no later than 7 a.m. It's worth it (plus then I'm done earlier!).

    1. At least it's good for us