Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 19

There's nothing like it being a run day especially when your work day was stress filled. Just to know you will be getting on the road and running all the tension away is relief enough but once you are out there it feels that much better.

It was another perfect night in the low 70s with barely a breeze and a spectacular sunset to calm my head. My abs were a bit sore from last night's session but that's my own fault for not doing them for the past couple weeks and I've developed a bit of a niggle on the inside of my right ankle. The PF has also been cranky and I think these may be a result of the faster run on Tuesday.

The schedule called for an hour at or below 140 bpm but the goal was to stay more in the low to mid-130s; more or less a very easy recovery run. Well it could have been easier but in my haste to get warmed up and on the road after running late from work, I forgot to fuel up with UCAN and hydrate so I felt a little sluggish after the 2 mile mark.

Overall though it wasn't a bad run though and the mission was accomplished. Only a few times did I get above 135 bpm and these occasions were only momentary. With the run behind me I'll have a rest day tomorrow before my first double digit run in 2 months on Saturday. So looking forward to it.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to is seeing my parents for thanksgiving. I haven't seen them since last Christmas and they will be coming out stay with Christine and I for Thanksgiving week. The only shame, other than it looks like it's going to be on the cool side, is that my dad has a bum hip and won't be able to do much hiking. He needs hip replacement surgery and wasn't able to get it done before they came out. Oh well, it will still be awesome to be with them for a week.

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