Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17

Well it's another Tuesday so that means I get to run fast again and I was so looking forward to it. It is the greatest feeling a runner can have; being near 100% healthy, and it reminds us why we love it so much. The schedule for tonight was to to get in 45 minutes at below an heart rate of 150 bpm and it was a perfect night for a spirited effort with temps in the high 50s and a light breeze.

After a bit of a warmup I was off. Everything was feeling good and for the first time in a long time there were no niggles to speak of. It was nice for a change to be firing on all cylinders and with a pace in the 9 minute range I never felt like I was pushing it. For the most part I was comfortably in the 145-148 range and only hit 150 a couple times for only a brief moment. It was really an easy fast.

I knew that I would get in somewhere around 4.5 miles but with the way I was feeling I had thoughts of pushing further and trying for an hour. Thankfully my head knows not to try to make everything back in one run and it turned me back toward home according to the plan. This was for the better because the run back is mostly on a slight incline and by the time I hit the 4 mile mark I was ready to take it back down.

This was a very productive effort and I'll be interested to see how I feel tomorrow. There was one thing that I found after analyzing the RunScribe data, I was much more on the forefoot on the left foot than I thought. I'm trying to keep more to a midfoot strike to cut down on the load to my achilles, calf and PF and it seemed like I was ok but I guess not. It's wonderful to have a tool that can provide actual data and not relying on what I feel.

So for now it's time to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a much needed upper and core session before an easy run on Thursday.

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