Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15

Haven't had much time this weekend but I did manage to get out for 3 miles on Saturday and 9.3 miles today. My PF flared up late Friday and while it was minor I decided to skip the scheduled 9 and sleep in. Fortunately when I got up it was feeling better and with the cooler fall temps I decided to get in a few miles before I headed out to a local car show. Not a bad effort and aside from some early niggles in the right calf and achilles, it went well.

Today's run was a very good run. Has the same niggles early on but they worked themselves out and for the most part I was in the mid-10s. This was the strongest I've felt since I've been back and could have gone a few more miles but there is no need to push the distance/time any more than planned since I'm still working myself back up. Plus it was started to rain just before the 8 mile mark and I wasn't really dressed for it.

In all it was a productive week and I'll be back at it again on Tuesday with a 150 HR session for 45 minutes or so.

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