Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12

There is nothing like fall in the desert if you are a runner and tonight was about the most perfect a night could be. It was in the high 60's with just a hint of a breeze as the sun was going down which was was going to make tonight's easy 1 hour run a joy.

Even though the plan for tonight was to try to take it easier than the planed MHR of 140 bpm I was dragging a little so I fueled up with some UCAN 30 minutes before I hit the road.

There is nothing really exciting to report about the run. Other than a momentary HR spike to 142 I was never over 139 and stayed mostly in the 134-136 range. My splits were a little slow as can be expected but I was treating it as a recovery run after Tuesday's spirited effort after which the PF made itself known for a couple days. Not that it hurt or anything, it just made me aware of it's existence. Even the calves felt good tonight with only a bit of tightness in the right one.

I have to say that in all, this run felt great. With no real niggles and what seemed like an easy effort it was probably my best run to date. I'll now have tomorrow to rest before pushing Saturday's run to an hour and a half which will be another baby step on the path of recovery

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