Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10

Tonight's run was one that I was looking forward to all day. After a 5 week layoff and 3 weeks of getting back into the swing of things, I was finally going to open it up a bit and go at a faster pace. I was not going to go all out; just bump the HR by 10 bpm up to 150 to see how it felt. I also was going to err on the side of caution and keep it short at 30 minutes or so.

As the sun was going down it was a cool night in the desert and with a brisk wind it felt a little cooler. At least the wind was going to be at my back for the last half of the run so it didn't concern me too much. I was just happy that I'm to the point where I feel comfortable in turning it up a notch.

After getting my HR up to speed I was able to get into a comfortable rhythm. I figured that running at 150 bpm would be a nice pace. Not too fast and definitely not too slow. Given that my HR is into the 170s at race pace, this should be an easy fast. And it was.

Since I wasn't monitoring pace, it wasn't until I finished mile 2 that I saw that I had ran a 9:13 mile. I had figured I'd be somewhere in the low to mid 9s so this was certainly good to see. For mile 3 it was more of the same at 9:18 which brought another smile to my face..

The most encouraging thing about the run was that I didn't feel tired and had little calf tightness. Had a great session with the Chiro and Massage Therapist yesterday which worked out some kinks. After the run was over I did have some minor tightness in the PF but that can be expected. Besides it's so minor that I'm barely giving it a second thought. I'll do some rolling before bed and it will be as right as rain in the morning. Tomorrow will be an XT upper body/core day so it will give me some extra recovery before an easy 1 hour run on Thursday.

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