Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 29

I can happily say that thanks to the chiro and massage therapist my PF was almost 100% pain free when I got up this morning. What a strange, but welcome feeling and I couldn't wait to get my run on.

Even though I am chomping at the bit to build my miles back up, the plan was to do between four and a half to 5 miles tonight. After all, the last thing I want is to get injured again. I'm done with this not running thing. So on a beautiful night in the high 60s I hit the road as the sun was setting.

My HR was a bit on the high side all day, probably due to some of the junk I've been eating so I knew it would be a challenge to keep it under 140 bpm. I felt good after a day off and my focus was on form. Now that I have my RunScribe, I can see that my right leg is lagging while my left is braking too much; I need to get them working together. This will come with time.

I have to say that I love this cooler weather and running in the dark is sort of welcome especially now that I have my brighter Run-Bright lights. I just wish other runners would light up. Out of the 3 people I saw out, all were running with nothing reflective let alone lights. Why do people do this?

I was still doing alright when I got to a turnaround point and while I considered going a bit further to my 5 mile turn, I decided to head back and not press for glory tonight. My calves were beginning to tighten up so I decided to listen to them.

Tonight's run wasn't the fastest, but it was the most consistent so I'll take it and at 4.7 miles, it was also the longest. I just need to keep taking those baby steps. The key will be how good I feel tomorrow with a day off before I try to push a bit further with 5-6 miles on Saturday. Right now I'm playing it by feel and letting my body dictate the time/miles.

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