Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25

Recovery is never a straight ling, that is for sure. I had been feeling pretty good after a couple runs and even though I had some discomfort on Wednesday, the PF was feeling ok. After I went to the Chiro later on it was a different story. My foot wasn't happy with the treatment and between that and a business trip I decided to take some extra rest. I was going to be on my feet most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday anyway so that would be enough. Initially I was not planning on running today but I felt real good and since I was going to be home early enough, I decided a run was in order.

By the time I was home and was ready run it was almost noon and temps were creeping into the low 80s with a stiff wind from the east. This all was probably a good thing because I was initially tempted to go for 5 miles which would have been a colossal mistake. Wisely I settled on doing 3 miles instead.

I took it easy on the first mile and was feeling good while keeping my HR below 140 bpm for the most part.The hard was when I turned into the headwind just before I hit the first split and for the next mile, I had to work for it. The wind was gusty and I had to struggle to keep my HR down. This made for a harder run and I could tell it was affecting my form as well; I kept catching myself bending into the wind which was throwing things off as the RunScribe data would later show.

I was never so happy to make the turn south to have the crosswind and the last mile went a lot smother without having to deal with the wind. That said, my calves were really tight and is the root cause of my PF. In the end I was just glad I opted for 3 over 5.

So there's another run in the books which I followed up with a nice foam roller session. If all feels good I'll be back at it on Tuesday.

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