Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20

So happy to have survived to run another day. After Sunday's run I really didn't know what to expect and I'm happy to report that all is well. Aside from some stiffness, there were no DOMS, no aches and even the PF felt pretty good. There's still a bit of tenderness in the foot but my chiro and massage therapist were pleased with the progress after only 1 treatment which means I got to run again tonight.

Since I want to ease back slowly it was going to be another short 3.4 mile run at 140 bpm. There is just no way I'm to attempt to make up for lost time; better to take it slow after the layoff. I also have to say that I'm loving these cooler temps and low 70s with cloud cover as the sun is going down is alright with me.

After getting stretched out I was on the road and after an half mile warmup I settled into a nice 10 minute pace. I was able to keep my HR in check a little better tonight although I still exceeded the 140 mark too many times. This will get better with a couple more runs under my belt.

Unlike Sunday, where I ran out of gas when I hit the headwind, tonight was calm and I felt stronger through mile 2, into mile 3. It may only be baby steps but we all know how important they are. It shouldn't take many more before I'm fully back but that's up to my body to decide.

What also made me happy about this run was that because I focused more on my landing, turnover and overall stride, I was able to lessen some of the imbalances between my left and right feet which was readily apparent in my RunScribe data. It's going to be so helpful to quantify whether subtle changes are working or not which my inner stat geek loves.

Well there it is, another successful run in the books. Tomorrow it will be back to the chiro before a business trip which will limit me to the hotel dreadmill but that's ok; a run on the DM is better than no run at all.

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