Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7

And then there was one.

After spending the day yesterday doing more tear down on our 1969 Cougar restoration project and having a few too many glasses of wine last night I was in less than prime condition for today's run. Luckily for me it was still in the low 80s and cloudy by the time I hit the road just after 9 so the running gods were not going to make me pay too dearly for my transgressions it seemed.

With a good warmup mile down I was cruising right along when a dog came running at me out of it's yard. It looked to be older and not coming at me so much with bad intentand It really didn't take much to ourtun it. Also, between the owner yelling for it and another runner coming in the opposite direction, it lost interest in me quickly.

Now that that excitment was over, I was able to get back in my groove and continue on. Mile 2 was completed in 7:50 which was much faster than I wanted it to be so I backed off on my pace.

Mile 3 was pretty much where I wanted to be at 8:24 with mile 4 a bit slower at 8:55 due to it being a slight uphill. I had also lost focus a bit and that was continuing into mile 5 until a distracted driver decided to honk at me for being on the shoulder as she was drifting too close to the edge of the road. This pissed me off and gave me a surge of adreniline to finish with a strong 8:32 before cooling down for a mile.

So this is it and with this 6 mile effort my training cycle that began in March has come to it's conclusion. I'll be getting in an easy 3 on Friday that is a course preview but that doesn't count for much. Stats-wise I logged 777 miles along with just shy of 16 hours on the elliptical. Aside from the PF issue I've been dealing with; and it has been much improved since I gave it some rest, and a minor niggle in the TFL that hasn't presented itself in quite a while, I'm probably healthier going into a race than I have ever been.

I also feel like I'm better off in the diet and fueling departments. Although I haven't done a re-test of my vitamin D level since June, I've been supplementing with 10,000IU daily so I'm pretty sure I'm good. I'm also glat to have found UCAn and along with ENERGYbits, I should be good to go on race day.

I'd also like to thank everyone for the support you all have given me over the past 6+ months. It means a lot to me and has really kept me going.

We shall see how it all pans out soon enough. If you want see how it goes, you can sign up for updates or just get the results (my bib # is 32506). The race starts at 6:30am CST so you'll know by 10 how I did.


  1. Best of luck to you Chris! I'll be tracking your progress during the race. I am also a new/big fan of UCAN. It blows my mind how I can run 16 miles or more on just one serving. Great stuff. Again, good luck. Time to kick some ass!