Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3

There are those time when the running gods kindly look down upon you and grant you that much need run. Tonight was one of those runs. Granted, it wasn't without it's challenges which just made it all the better.

The plan called for an hour run and I was hoping for 6 miles but would be happy with 5. A dust storm had rolled in and even though there was very little actual dust, the winds we still blowing around 20 mph out of the south. Fortunately that massive headwind was going to be on fresh legs with a tailwind on the way back.

When I hit the road tonight I made sure I had my Mission Multi-Cool so I had something to cover my mouth and nose. It's not fun trying to run with a mouthful of grit.

The warmup went well enough considering and with the next mile having somewhat of a wind block I kicked it into gear. I felt strong and since the fast was over I was properly fueled which I could tell was making a big difference. I noticed this even more as I headed back into the teeth of the wind and felt like I was getting even stronger and my time even bore this out.

Now it was time to have fun.

When I hit the turnaround that strong wind was at my back and I felt like I was running downhill and for the next 2 miles I let it rip while staying under control. While a lot of this speed had to do with the wind,  I still had the energy to keep it up and when I hit the 5 mile mark I gave it on last quarter mile sprint before I dialed it back for the cool down mile.

This was the run that I really needed. Between the tough fasting runs, the achy PF and the heat, I feel like things are now falling into place. And speaking of falling into place, what does the weather look like for next Saturday? I don't think you could ask for better than that. Well actually you can because it's looking now like it may be cloudy and a bit cooler.

So things are looking up and with a rest day tomorrow before a final 10-13 miler on Saturday, it won't be long now.

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