Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1

With the calendar flipping into September, there is the reality that race day is just about here and other than doing something stupid, I'm as trained as I'm going to be. This is where faith in my plan will either get me to the finish or lead me to crash and burn. Honestly, I'm ok with whatever the outcome is; good or bad.

The plan for tonight was to do another hard 1 hour run to see if I could improve over Sunday's effort. The rest day served me well although I my calves were still a little achy from shaking the rust off after 2 weeks on the elliptical.Happily though the PF felt really good and that was a nice boost. The warmup was ok tonight but my HR was high for whatever reason but since I was aiming for 8:40s that was of little concern.

By the time I hit the first split I was already in the 160s and nailed mile 2 in 8:40 on the button. Although I had fueled with a serving on UCAN as well as some ENERGYbits, I'm still fasting and on top of that missed lunch today so I wasn't exactly properly nourished.

It was at this point on the last run that I began to run out of gas so I was pleasantly surprised that I was still able to finish mile 3 in 8:53. It was here though that my body started to push back as a mild but long uphill stretch occurs.

I was still able to maintain my pace but now my HR was approaching 180 bpm. This comes as not much of a surprise given that is was in the mid-90s although there was some light clouds to filter the setting sun. Conveniently enough one of my shoes came untied at this point and with my momentum broke I decided to walk a bit to take the HR down.

After a short walk and getting down into the 140s it was back at it, now on a flat, if not slightly downhill section. My hope here was that I could push hard for the next mile and a half before the final cool down mile.

While I wasn't as fast as I would have liked, I was still able to maintain a pace around 9 which given the heat and fasting is ok in my book. More importantly the PF, a momentary twinge aside, felt rather good.

So another run is done and another day closer to the big event. I'm glad that I'm in a good place right now and happy to find out that there will be a few Tweeple in the race as well. The fast will also be ending tomorrow and with 13 pounds lost in the last 15 days, I'm a lean mean running machine.

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