Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5

It's been quite a while, January to be exact, since I've gotten out for a morning run before work but with race day less than 40 days away, it's time to add some fatigue to the routine.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning and since sunrise was still a ways away, it felt a lot cooler than 83*. Of course I had my Run-Bright led lights (==>) as well as a new arm light that I will be offering soon. With the days getting shorter, don't be caught in the dark; run safe and run bright.

I knew this was going to be a fast run right out of the blocks. With the cooler air my HR was staying low and when I hit the 1 mile mark I had come up gradually to the low 130s and was already turning low 9s. Mile 2 was even quicker as I spent the first half effortlessly in the mid-8s. My HR was easily staying in the 133-136 range and it took a cough to send me momentarily to 138. It was time to slow down at this point and begin the cool down anyway. I really wish I could have gotten in some more distance but I had to get ready for work and 30+ minutes was going to have to be enough.

And a day of work it was although I felt like I had more energy than usual. Maybe it had something to do with getting the fires stoked early. I felt really good although my PF was on the cranky side for most of the day. Nothing a strip of KT Tape wouldn't take care of though.

The plan for the 2nd run of the day was to get a warmup mile in before 2 miles close to race pace  and finishing up with a cool down mile. For this run however it was going to be 20 degrees warmer with full sun. After a good warmup mile I was off. It's been over a month since I've done any real speedwork so I was a bit surprised to smooth I felt.

Even though I completed this mile in 7:49 I was about 15 seconds slower than my go and my pace was all over the place, ranging from 7:20-8:20. Mile 3 was a repeat of 2 as my pace was again inconsistent as I clocked a 7:51. I felt smooth enough at time but towards the end I was a little gassed. Running fast in extreme heat will do that to you. This time around I was happy that the run was almost over. It was just a matter of a cool down on which I walked a little extra.

So today is done and tomorrow will be another easy hour at 137 bpm. Count 2 more bricks added to the foundation. It will be interesting to see how my legs feel in the morning.

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