Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27

Once again it was up early to get in a 30 minute morning session on the beast. Nothing too exciting but my PF was a little cranky when I woke up. It's definitely better with whatever pain pretty much limited to one spot at the point where my heel and arch meet. Once I found the trigger point just above my ankle and massaged it out, all was good.

As for the workout it was 5 minutes on 1 and 5 minutes on 2 to warm up before the meat of it on 3 for 10 minutes with the HR above 130 bpm. I was able to stay mainly in the 130-135 range with only a couple times at 137 so that made me happy. After a 10 minute cool down it was in the shower before I headed off to toil on the cube farm once again.

After work it was back at it; this time for 1 hour. This was going to be even less exciting as the goal was to stay below 132 bpm but at least I had a newly arrived pair of Skora Fit to break into the rotation.

So with a 15 minute warmup it was onto 30 minutes where I was in the 125-129 range for the most part. I only hit 1322 a couple times although I did jump to 134 momentarily where I got into the music and was going to fast. It was bland but it was done and I closed out with a 150 minute cool down.

I know my posts have been pretty boring lately but not much happens when your in a room by yourself. I have to say that I'm proud of myself for resisting the urge to hit the pavement and as much as I love to do it Saturday, that just doesn't fit the plan. More than anything I need to heal and besides I want to try a fueling strategy and I'll be best suited by doing it on the beast.

If things work out and I'm feeling alright, maybe, just maybe, I'll hit the great outdoors for 10 miles on Sunday.

All I can say is that I'm getting stronger everyday.

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