Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 23

The life of a runner is like shampoo instructions but instead of lather, rinse, repeat it's run, eat, sleep, repeat or in my case elliptical, eat, sleep, repeat. Sure most of us have other obligations; work, family, life, but let's be honest running consumes most of our thoughts.

So after another descent night's sleep it was time to get back on the elliptical. I was in bed early enough and fell asleep pretty quickly but was awoken up in the middle of the night by a dull ache along the side of my right calf. It was not shin splints, it was more off to the side, but it was enought to keep me awake.

Finally I did get back to sleep but was shortly awoken by not only that ache but also a dull ache in my  right glute as well. After a bit of tossing and turning I was back to sleep for a good 7-8 more hours.

After futzing around and having my coffee with UCAN and later some ENERGYbits it was onto the elliptical for 90 minutes. The plan was just to stay in the 130s for an hour, after the 15 minute warmup and followed by another 15 minute cool down. As a precaution I taped up the PF and have also added an insole for some additional padding.

This was by far my best effort on the beast. After figuring out what works and what doesn't over the past week, I learned that I was best to stay at one resistance and use speed to keep the HR up as opposed to trying to stay at the same rpm and increasing/decreasing resistance. By doing this, I was able to keep in the 127-134 range with an occasional jump up to 137. I think I momentarily hit 138 twice.

Nothing like a great workout especially with a rest day tomorrow. Things are looking up and yet another brick has been added.

Another thing that I didn't realize until today is that the 7 hours I put in last week was the most time logged training since early June. Need to keep up the momentum because time is running short.

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