Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2

After completely going off script for the last 2 runs, I was  back to the book for today's MAF Test. Christine and I were out the door shortly after 7 to head to the local HS track to get in our work. I was happy for her too because this was going to be her first non-DM run in over a month. With the temps already in the low 80s, moderate humidity and not a cloud in the sky, it was going to be a hot one.

For the first lap around the track we walked together but we parted as I began the warmup part of the test with an easy trot to bring up the HR  and gradually increased pace over the course of the mile.

One observation I made from the last MAF Test in June was that the faulty GPS readings skewed the stats and I was actually about 15-20 seconds slower per mile than I though which explained some things. This time around I made sure to turn the Auto Lap on the Garmin off and do them manually.

This time out I was working with a MHR of 137 bpm so I really didn't know what to expect having been doing all my runs at 132 for the last month. What I do know is that I like running at 137 a hell of a lot better. It actually allows me to run instead of plod which makes for a more comfortable run.

The 4 mile test went as it should with the splits getting slower as it progressed. Mile 1 was definitely the best and I never got above 137 bpm. On miles 2, 3 and 4 there were momentary jumps to 138-139 but that is bound to happen when you are trying to stay as close to the target HR as possible for the entire run. There were also times when I dropped down to 132-133 and had to pick it up which made for some inconsistencies.

I really can't say that I'm unhappy with the result although I would have liked to see less of a differential between the splits.

Split Distance Time Best Pace Avg HR Max HR
2 1 11:08 9:20 134 137
3 1 11:22 9:53 135 138
4 1 11:43 10:19 136 139
5 1 11:55 10:43 135 138

That's it for now; just going to relax and enjoy what's left of the weekend. If everything feels good I may just run tomorrow.

In case you're wondering, Christine got in a good 4.3 miles of mostly walking. Not being used to the heat was keeping her HR elevated and spike whenever she tried to run. Still, 4 miles is 4 miles; she did great.

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