Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18

It was up before the sun to get on the elliptical once again. After Sunday's session I was a bit surprised that aside from a slight ache in my left quad I has no soreness which is a good thing.

Really not much to say about this other than I wasn't very successful at my attempt to do the bulk of the workout in reverse. Even with the resistance set at 2 it took less than a minute for my HR to come up to 137 so I had to be satisfied with mixing these in every 5 minutes or so. I probably could have pushed the HR a little more but I also don't want to overdo it since I'm using new muscle groups. Definitely a nice change of pace though and 30 minutes on the machine is a fine way to get the fires stoked before a full day on the cube-farm.

After work it was back at it, this time for an hour. Once again it was nothing too exciting. After 15 minutes of warming up I got into the routine but made it a point to work the resistance higher. I still threw in some short reverse intervals but like in the morning I could only do them for about a minute before the HR got too high.

Not feeling any ill effects from the am session I worked my HR mostly above 130 bpm for about 30 minutes and felt some good burn in my legs to boot. I'm sorta enjoying being in from the heat with a fan on me and music playing in the room to motivate me. I just hope this doesn't screw with my form too much.

It's time for bed now and if everything feels good I'll hit it again for another double tomorrow.

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