Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15

With my PF flaring up I decided to rest it up so this was my first time out since Tuesday. It was feeling ok but stupid me forgot to tape it up and didn't realize it until I was ready to go. I thought about putting it on but since it was starting to get light outside I didn't want to loose the 10 minutes or so that it was going to take.

The goal was to get out by 5 so I wasn't too far off with, getting out the door at 5:25. Even still temps were already near 90 and it was almost 30 minutes until sunrise. I was hoping to get 3 hours/18 miles in but that was TBD. I just wanted to have a good run.

Under the cover of darkness the first mile went great to get warmed up and by the time I hit the 1 mile mark I was right where I wanted to be. For the next 5 miles I was cruising along  nicely in the mid to upper 10s with my HR right around 140 bpm. Now if this would only last.

Somewhere around mid-mile 5 my PF started to flare  and as the sun started getting higher in the sky, I was beginning to heat up. Since I was doing a 6 mile loop I left out water but feeling like I still had enough, I foolishly didn't stop to fill up. This would come back to bite me later.

I was feeling pretty good still but right around the 7 mile mark my HR started to elevate so I slowed it down a bit. The sun was getting to me now so when I got to the irrigation pump near mile 8 I though it would be a good idea to soak down my Mission Enduracool. Wrong! While it felt good in the moment it broke all momentum I had and got me to start walking.Now this in itself isn't bad but it caused my PF to stiffen.

After walking for a half mile I started back running but everything I had going for me was lost. Nothing left to do but embrace the suck. I was out there doing my best and wasn't going to let it get me down. I was simply going to take what the run was going to give me.

Over the next 4 miles there was some running but mostly walking. My PF was none too pleased with me and I was getting low on water to boot. Mental note, you never have enough water, always refill when you can.

The nice thing about walking was that it gave me some time to think. What I really need more than anything is to give my PF some serious time to recover; something more than a few days. Now with the race less than a month away (==>) I still need to maintain my fitness so I'm going to be spending a lot of time on our elliptical. This will also keep me inside and out of the heat for the most part too.

So it was a good run and a bad run all in one. The first 6 were exactly what I wanted but the last 6, not so much. Still, any run is a good run and this also put me over 100 miles on the year.

This was a good week for my battle against BBW as well. The other night I was lamenting my current mental state regarding the race and would up getting some sage advise from The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive author Dr Jim Afremow via Twitter. It's a great book, which I am re-reading but Jim gave me a couple points to focus on that have swung the pendulum for me. I can't thank him enough. Now to get my body healthy.

And with that one more week is in the books.

Week ending August 18th - 25.1 miles

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