Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1

Here we are in a new month and the countdown to an attempt at a BQ (==>) is getting real. That doesn't make it any easier to drag my butt out of bed when the alarm goes off. Still after it was all said and done I was on the road by 6:45.

When I got out the door it was 80 degrees with a light breeze and not a cloud near the sun. Humidity was near 70% which is hot for the desert but it was still a pleasant morning for a run. On the schedule was a two and a half hour MAF run at 132 bpm but that was up in the air and subject to change. I'm so tired of running slow.

Once I was at it, the warmup was the same old, same old as were the next 3 miles. It was at this point that I was fighting to maintain any sort of running while keeping my HR down; the heat, humidity and sun were making sure of that.

It was at this point that I decided I had enough of the slow slog and upped my HR alert to 137. I was going to do this next week but enough is enough and I just want to run. I was hoping I could stay comfortably under this rate but that was going to be determined.

This plan worked out well for the next mile or so but soon, although I felt comfortable, I was having a hard time staying under 137 so I jumped to 142 to see how that would go. Just like the last bump, it worked for a little while so it was up to 147 after fueling up on some ENERGYbits (==>).

Still this latest rise in the alert was not working as my legs just wanted to go. Finally I said screw it, turned off the HR monitor and ran.

It's true that I spent a good portion of my life being very unhealthy and sedentary but I excelled at running when I was younger and having been living clean for the last year plus now, I feel like I have gained a lot of it back. Even my doctor, who I just saw last week, said that I am in excellent health and that I'm younger than my age.

When I first picked it up I was feeling great but then I began to notice a little discomfort in my right PF as well as a niggle in my left glute. Soon enough though the niggle went away as my legs got stretched out and the PF was hardly noticeable.

For the next 2+ miles I ran for feel, occasionally speeding up and slowing down, with not a concern about HR or pace. And it felt damn good. In the end I'm happy I did it because if for any other reason, it was fun and after all isn't that why we do this?

I closed it out with a good cool down with an extended walk of over a half mile and a smile on my face. I still have some doubts but I feel better about my chances at a BQ after this 11.4 mile outing.

I may regret this change of pace but part of MAF training is figuring out what is right for me alone. I'm still going to train smart and do the majority of my running below 137 bpm but I'm also going to let it loose at times too.

Tomorrow is another early day with track time for a MAF test at 137. I'm even going to drag Christine out of bed so she can get out and off the DM for a change.

Week ending August 1st - 27.6 miles

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