Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9

I wasn't terribly motivated to run tonight but with a little nudge from Twitter and the weather, how could I not? It was only 95 and with an heat index of 91 so I made damn sure I was getting out for the hour run that was on the schedule.

It felt great out there and for a change I was able to bring the HR up slowly over the first mile. Part of this I attribute to the cooler temperature but some of it has to be due to getting heat adapted too.

Even with this in mind, I wasn't able to pick up the pace all that much but I could tell there was a little more length in my stride over previous runs. Overall it just seemed smoother than any run as of late which is encouraging. My pacing was more consistent too.

With as good as miles 2 and 3 were going I was temped to tack on an extra mile and get in 5 but we're running for time not distance so it was only going to be a bit over 4 miles on the night. And with that the last mile went pretty much like the first. My HR came down at a fairly steady rate but it could have been better. Towards the end I started to lose focus and wound up picking up speed which raised the HR back up.

All in all it was another productive run which added one more brick to the foundation. Still I'm happy tomorrow is a rest day before the early wake up call on Saturday morning. I just hope for a cloudy cool day.

On another note, the company I work for is putting together a team for the ThrillSeeker Stunt Run so I thought, why not? Well the why not, which I didn't realize until later, was that I'm running the Phoenix 10K Half the next day. So what the hell, it looks like fun and as long as I don't break anything it's all good.

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