Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8

It was going to be another run in the sun while it was 101. Yeah, that sucked but it made me chuckle.

Anyway, tonight's run was going to be a quick one at only around 30 minutes and I was looking forward to it. After the short walk to get things going I decided to change up a route a bit to break things up. Now I don't know what happened, maybe I subconsciously hit start but suddenly my Garmin buzzed the cool down stats. Nothing to do but hit start again with a couple of tenths and a few minutes lost. Oh well.

That was really all the excitement for the run. Even though it was sunny and hovering around 100, I feel like I'm adapting to the heat. It's still slow going and sometime a chore to stay under 132 bpm but it's getting easier especially when I stay in the now.

They just keep stacking up and that is what's most important. I be back out there tomorrow for another hour on the road to BQ.

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