Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26

Today is the last day of travel which meant another early wake-up call so I could get some miles in before my flight. So while the plan called for 90 minutes, I instead opted to do only an hour so I didn't have to deal with the DM timing out.

I have to admit that I've actually not hated these sessions in the fitness center since they have given me a chance to work a few minutes faster than I can on the road. This also allows me to warmup with more control over the HR to bring it up gradually and stay in the lower zones longer.

With the first mile done it was on to the meat of the run. The hope was that I would be able to pick up where I left yesterday and to an extent I was close, but not quite, at xxx. Still it was pretty easy to stay under 130 bpm except that for a cough that sent me into the high 130s.

One observation I did make as I progressed through mile 3 was that as I increased pace, my HR would come up, peak around 132 and then come down gradually to the mid-120s. This allowed me to speed up even more. Learning is good.

By the time I was getting through mile 4 my pace kept getting faster to the point where I was flirting with a sub-10 minute time. I was also running negative splits which shouldn't happen in MAF training.

The fast miles were soon over and it was now time to cool down, which went just as well as the warmup. When it was all done, the run was 1 hour and 5 miles on the button. Now I may have enjoyed doing these DM miles, I cannot wait to be back home running on the street in the heat. That is after a rest day tomorrow.

I also need to figure out what is causing a trigger point in my right shin which is manifesting itself as a flare-up in my PF.

What I really want to do right now is sleep; it's been a long weekend. My brain is a little scrambled and when my Garmin froze I screwed up and dis a hard reset instead of a soft reset which erased all my data. That's what I get for not reading. 2 Well 2 of the runs were messed up anyway but I still would have liked to have the HR and split data.

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