Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25

Still on the road and the heavy Florida rains have put the kibosh on any thoughts of getting in a barefoot run on the beach. Just as well because it was still dark at 6:30 when I was ready to go.

I don't know why but I was a bit surprised that there was actually a couple other people in the fitness center when I got there. Generally, no matter what hotel it is, if I'm very early or very late, I have the place to myself. No matter, I have business to take are; a 2.5 hour run.

Again I was able to get a nice, slow and controlled warmup but when I hit the lap button on my Garmin I realized that I forgot to reset it after Thursday's session so the mile was added on the that run instead. Oops.

So after a quick reset I was back on track and and hoping for the same speed I saw Thursday night. Over the rest of the hour (stupid treadmill limits), I was mostly in the 10-teens as well as on point at keeping my HR under 132. Very happy to get in exactly 5 miles in this time.

After dealing with the DM resetting for the next segment, I realized I forgot to pause my watch so I actually clocked nearly 2 minutes longer than I really was on the next mile. I managed to get back on track for the next split before the wheels came off on mile 8.

I was cruising along without issue when suddenly I began to overheat and my HR spiked to 138. This came out of nowhere and I had to hop off the DM to get things under control. Since I was watching my watch and not the screen the machine saw that I wasn't on it and did an auto-shutoff.

With another reset done I got on it and realized that I was going to need to scale it back a bit. I also made the decision to cut the run a little short. Still I was around 11 minutes for the next 2 miles before I did the cool down miles.

When it was all said and done I ran for 2:15 and got in 11.1 miles with 6 under 10:30 so I have no complaints whatsoever. Tomorrow will be another early wakeup call so I can get in 90 minutes back on the DM before I catch my flight (which I just realized I forgot to check in for - hello middle seat). In hindsight I wish I had just booked a flight out tonight but instead I opted to stay for the dinner.

Week ending July 25th - 27.5 miles

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