Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23

Sometimes things just work out for best.

Today was a travel day for business and I wasn't really sure I would be getting a run in tonight. Originally I was planning to fly into Tampa, grab my rental, make a short drive to the hotel and be in time for the pre-conference cruise/mixer around Clearwater Beach. Well after a delay getting out and an even later arrival, not to mention a computer issue at the rental car counter, I didn't quite make it.

Having not run last night, I was more than happy to take the opportunity to get in a hour long run even if it was going to be on a dreadmill. If anything it would allow me to go a little faster than usual while staying under 132 bpm.

The warmup actually went slower than I was expecting but that was a good thing since I was able to get more turnover while still keeping the HR well under 120 bpm in the early going. The one thing I wasn't happy with was the bit of heel pain that popped up. It didn't really hurt, it was more of annoyance than anything.

By the time I hit the 1 mile point I had gotten up to a mid-11 pace and comfortably around 125 bpm. I really wanted to try to stay closer to 130 so I started to play with the speed. It's such a fine line and when I thought I had hit it right, I got a sudden HR spike into the high-130s.

This was to be how the run went but without as drastic of a spike. A couple times I did get as high as 134 but for the most part I was under 132. Over the 30 minutes of being at MHR I got better at keeping things under control. More importantly it felt good to go fast. Just as in running downhill, a DM at 0 incline allowed me t o run at a pace about 2 minutes faster than I am able to out on the road. Talk about a confidence builder; I guess the DM does have some advantages after all.

By the time I hit the 45 minute mark I was actually looking forward to the cool down. Not that I wasn't enjoying this sensation of going fast, it was just not something I was prepared for. In all I logged 4.5 miles which is a couple tenths more than I get out on the road in the heat so yay me.

Tomorrow will be a rest day which is ok because I'll be on the busy side and on my feet more than usual. The plan calls for a 2.5 hour long run on Saturday and I really need to find out of the beach is as uninterrupted as it looks on Google maps. I really hope it is because I am giddy with the thought of a long barefoot run on the beach. Fingers crossed.

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