Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21

Having to work an hour late has it advantages now that the days are getting shorter. Even though it was still 100 when I got out on the road for tonight's 1 hour jaunt, the shadows were getting longer so I knew I would miss the full force of the sun most of the run.

I'm really happy to be finding consistency in all aspects of my runs but especially the warmup. It's getting much easier to bring the HR up slowly without having the fits and starts like I when the blazing summer began. Now it's a steady progression.

When I hit the fist mile marker my HR was right where I wanted it to be, at 128 bpm, and for the most part I was between 127 and 130 for the majority of the run. Since I didn't have the sun beating down on me I was able to flow through the run without struggling to keep under MHR. It's amazing the difference too. Whenever I hit a patch where I was in full sun, my HR would jump 2-3 bpm almost immediately. It was just a matter of thinking ahead.

While tonight wasn't the fastest weeknight run in recent weeks, I can't complain one bit about the 13:08, 13:32, 13:43 middle miles. As much as I would like them to be faster, they are serving a very important purpose and if I can make the same progress in the next 3 weeks as I have in the last 3, I'll be right where I need to be with a month to go before race day.

Tomorrow will be another late one in work but the schedule only calls for a 30 minute run. I may not get a chance to log the run because I have to get my things packed in preparation for a business trip to what look to be a rainy Clearwater FL for a few days. We shall see.

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