Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18

Well it's Saturday with a 3:30 wake up call and if you guessed I overslept again, you win a cookie. I have a good reason thought; Christine and I have both lost our wedding rings so we figured we'd just get them tattooed on. After 22+ years of marriage and a 33 year relationship we had an inkling this may be a safe thing to do.

Regardless, after a smoothie, coffee and futzing around on the interwebs I was still out on the road by 6:30 for a 2.5 hour run on a pleasant morning with temps in the high 70s. Add to that a light breeze and plenty of clouds, it was not too bad for a run.

The warmup was another keeper and really set the tone for the run. Having a rest day yesterday made all the difference int the world and I felt great through the first 5+ miles. My legs really wanted to go, pulling me over 132 bpm on more than one occasion except for a spike caused for a couple of coughs that sent me up to 138 and necessitated a short walk break.

As I passed the five and a half mile mark, that is were the run began to go south. First the sun began to peek through the clouds which heated things up and slowed me down. Then there was the douche nozzle that was too busy on his phone as he drifted over the fog line when he approached me, sending my HR over 140 so I had to take another walk break.

Still I was feeling pretty good but the sun was making it a little harder to keep the pace up and the HR down. That said I was able to run in the mid 12s through mile 9. By now the sun began to wear me down which removed any thoughts I was having about extending the run to 3 hours. This also brought BBW into the equation.I'm not going to give him any credence by writing what he was chirping about but leave it to him to throw a match on a good run.

The last mile plus was slow going but it was a decent cool down. If it wasn't for some more coughing that sent my HR to almost 140, it would have been a great end to the run. It's amazing that something as simple as a couple of light coughs can jump your HR by 10 bpm like nothing. It is what it is I guess; nothing I can do about it.

All in all it was a very good week where I was 24 seconds faster on average than last week and ran an additional 2 miles. Tomorrow is another day though and I have a 4:30 alarm set for a 1.5 hour run where I'm hoping to top last week's effort.

Week ending July 18th - 29.2 miles

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