Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12

Getting out of bed early on weekends is rough but not as rough as running in the heat of the day. Still I slept a little later than I would have liked but managed to get out on the road just after 7. Once again it was just below 80 but unlike yesterday there was some thin cloud cover to brunt some of the sun to go with a light breeze that made it comfortable.

I decided to run my route in reverse today as to have the majority of the incline done in the beginning of the run instead of more toward the middle. My hope was that this combined with the favorable conditions would provide for an easy and strong run. This decision paid off in spades and I was not disappointed one bit.

Had no trouble keeping the HR down and steady on the warmup mile which is always an encouraging sign. I was just as happy with a sub-12 mile 2 but unlike yesterday the sun stayed filtered behind the clouds which allowed me to keep my pace up and HR down. This allowed me to nail an 11:45 mile 3 and an 11:14 mile 4. With these quick paces I knew I was going to hit my goal of 7 miles during the hour and a half run. Yay me.

The one thing about feeling this good was that I felt like I pushing it too close to the edge so I decided to back it down a bit. Still I was cruising right along and even entertained thoughts of maybe doing a 2 hour run before I thought the better of it.

I was so focused on the pavement ahead of me that I wasn't paying attention to anything else and was startled by some dogs on a couple of yards. They were fenced in and posed no issues but just the fact that they surprised me caused my HR to jump into the mid-140s. This spike didn't last for very long however and I continued on my way. The last 2 miles of the run went by easily with the cool down being just as productive as the warmup.

It felt fantastic to be this dialed in today and logging my best run in recent memory. Everything went my way and I wish I could bottle this one for later. Now it's just a matter of enjoying the rest of the day. With a scheduled rest day tomorrow, I can't wait to get back on the road Tuesday to see how this effort carries over.

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