Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11

It's often said that perception is reality. Now this may be true but reality tends to kick perception's ass most of the time too.

Even though I had the alarm set for 3:30, I didn't roll out of bed until almost 5 and wasn't on the road until 6:30. It also turned out to be slightly warmer than I was expecting it to be at 81 but at least there was a good amount of cloud cover.

The warmup mile was going great, pace was ok, HR was down and everything felt right until I came across a loose dog who was not in a good mood. He didn't come at me or anything but it still spiked my HR from the one-teens to almost 140. This was was going to set the tone for the rest of the run too.

After that bit of excitement I walked it down to the low 100s and then started to bring it up gradually until I hit the 1 mile mark. At this point there was still plenty of cloud cover and I was feeling on top of the world. I didn't know where my pace was but I was feeling fast. When I hit the mile 2 split and came in at just under 12 minutes, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately this feeling was not going to last.

Here's where the perception/reality thing comes into play.

While I was feeling great and cruising right along, the second the sun broke through the clouds just before the split, my HR jumped. Yes, even though I was feeling great, and didn't perceive anything different, in all actuality I was perceiving everything to be fantastic, physiologically my body got all defensive and prepared for the worst. It was on.

From here on it was a battle to keep the HR down. While mile 3 came in at 12:33, the rest of the run was much slower. There was nothing I could do but go with the flow.

The next few miles were in the low-13s but by mile 7 I could tell that it was almost over. I had planned to run 2.5 hours (11+ miles) I knew I had to cut it short and only do 2+ hours. Of course I was disappointed but I also have to listen to my body and do what is best.

There's no use getting all worked up about it but damn. It was only 91 when I finished the run and while that seems like it's hot, here in the desert with 30-40% humidity, that is quite pleasant. Or so I thought. Reality is a bitch I guess.

So I'll just have to accept it for what is was and I will be back out in the morning. At least I get to sleep in with the alarm set to 4:30.

Week ending July 11th - 26.1 miles

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