Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6

Another Saturday means another long run and with 26 or 27 miles on the schedule, the alarm was set for 4am with a few expected snoozes added in. It turns out there were a few too many snoozes which meant I was probably going to start later than I was hoping for. Still after a great smoothie, coffee and a good warmup I was ready to roll. Or was I? Somehow my Garmin discharged and the Low Battery warning was on.

Take 2

After about 30 minutes the Garmin was charged to 30% and I was off again. After putting out a cooler with some extra water, half a banana and an orange slice I started only to have my Nathan 4 fuel belt fall off. What else was going to go wrong?

Today still looked like it was going to be my lucky day. Even though temps were in the 70s there was plenty of cloud cover with intermittent spits of rain. I wasn't sure how long this was going to last as it looked like there was clear skies far off on the east and west so I was just going to take it while I could.

From the start I felt very strong. It's probably a combination of many things; great diet all week, plenty of sleep, 2 days off from running but mostly I think it's the cooler temps. After the initial warm up mile I clicked off miles 2 and 3 in a comfortable 9:19. This was going to be a nice run I though to myself.

The rest of the first look went just as well. Even though 4 and 5 have were slower (9:26-9:27) on the slight incline with a headwind, I was still feeling alright. The next 4 miles produced negative splits of 9:16-9:15-9:13-9:11 which made me real happy and as I came to the end of loop 1 the weather was still holding although it was noticeably warmer and more humid.

It was time for a quick break as I ate the banana half and took a little extra water in. I also dropped the 2 empty bottles since I wouldn't be needing them and was off again.

I was moving along quite well through mile 13 (9:17-9:05-9:20-9:32) but as I got into mile 14 the headwind picked up quite a bit and took some of my steam away with my first 10 minute mile (10:01). My legs were starting to feel heavy as well so I knew it was on.

As I got into miles 15-17 I was working a lot harder to keep my pace below 10s with little success (9:52-10:11-10:22). I would still have flashes of quickness in the 9s but I could feel them starting to go as I was beginning to plod along. Now I began to contemplate whether I should cut the run at 18 and as I approached the 17 mile mark my legs made the call as my TFL began to ache. No being a hero today as I went into cool down mode for the last mile plus and called it a day. At least today was a victory in that I was nearly 6 minutes faster (17 seconds per mile) than I was 2 weeks ago when I did the same loops.

Unlike then there will be no evening run. Doing that messed me up for over a week so never again. The goal is not to win training, the goal is to BQ in September and while I have some serious doubts, with a little over 3 months of training, that I can do it, I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize my chances.

Week ending June 6th - 32.3 miles

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