Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30

Tonight was one of those nights that I couldn't wait to get home and run because when it's cloudy with a light breeze and temps are barely cracking 100 that means the running gods are smiling down on me Still the humidity was up there and there was also a chance of rain.

Not hesitating when I hot home I was changed, loosened up and on the road for an easy 4+ miles. Even though the temps were lower, since I'm back to running at a max of 132 bpm, the pace was going to be down there too. But an hour running is an hour running and the only thing that matters is keeping the HR down.

I really need to get into the habit of walking the first quarter or so to bring the HR up slower because I was already into the mid 120s before I even hit the half mile mark. Have to get the muscles up to speed slowly.

The amazing thing about the run was how much I was in the now. We all know how our minds can tend to drift especially at the slower paces but tonight I was locked into it; with very few exception I was totally focused on the task at hand. No boredom or frustration, no thinking about this or that, my only concern was my breathing, HR and my form to some extent. Everything else was going to have to wait.

The miles may have been slow but they were quality and my HR never once got over 132 bpm. Put this bad boy in the win column. It even started to rain just as I was finishing up.

So another month is behind me but there are plenty of miles still ahead. I'll be kicking off July with an easy 30 minute run and am looking forward to adding another brick to the foundation.

June total -  119.5 miles


  1. This has inspired me to start with a walk like you said. I love it when my HR is down and manageable too. The run feels so much more flow-y. Very good advice.

    1. Much appreciated Lisa. A good warmup is so important, it gets body ready for the run and works everything in the various zones. Same for the cool down.

      I feel so much better now that I've begun doing this and I think my body is happy about it too.

  2. Even I have started training the Maffetone method a month back. I feel awfully slow in my HR of 132-142 (180-age+5) managing about 13-14 min/mile (my fastest is about 9min/mile) but still i keep faith in the system and am hopeful of improving my speed as time progresses. I was just wondering about your initial pace when you started on this method and your pace at present.

    1. Good for you Gerry

      When I started MAF last September I started with an MHR of 127 (180-48-5) and was in the 13s but by the time February rolled along I was doing sub-9s at 137.

      After taking a couple weeks off after the 26.2 in Feb I think I pushed to had and after a week at 132 jumped back to 137. I was also doing too much non-MAF running so I am where I am today not having progressed much since March. This is why I'm going back to the basics.

      I hope you definately stick with it though because during the last cycle it helped me greatly. In Nov I did a 13.1 in 1:37:45 which was a PR at the time and felt better than I ever had. Then in January I ran a 1:34:01 half and felt strong especially in the second have of the race.

    2. Thanks Chris. I certainly intend to continue as i have definite time frame. I am 43 and age does not matter much i suppose, though I would like to add more HM to my kitty. My best at present is 2:06 and hope to break 2 hours soon. Thanks for the motivation.

    3. You are welcom. Good luck with your training