Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3

So today is National Running Day whatever that means. It's not like runners need a special day to run, we'll do it whenever the schedule says so or the mood strikes. We celebrate every run regardless of the day.

Festivities aside, the plan for tonight called for a 1 mile warmup with 2 7:35 miles followed by a 1 mile cool down. Now I may be playing it too safe but I've decided that when in doubt I should err on the side of caution so one of the pace miles got eliminated. After all it was still 95 degrees when I got set to head out and I'm not adapted to the heat as of yet.

Unlike last night, the HR didn't spike although it got into the mid 120s rather quickly; still I think my body is adapting a bit. The first mile went smooth enough and I was still battling over whether I should do the original 4 or stick with 3. Thankfully my legs took over and opted for 3. When the Garmin buzzed at the 1 mile mark I was almost up to speed and within no time I was cruising along in the mid-7s.

Given the heat I felt pretty good and at times got too fast. Alternately, I would back off too much which means I really need to get better at pacing. I was feeling much smoother than I did 2 weeks ago when I last did pace-work and probably could have done another mile with no problem. I even had water. I'm beginning to like this wiser runner; he's not trying to kill me. Still I can't say I was sad when I hit the 2 mile mark in a slightly too fast 7:29. I'll take it.

There was nothing left to do but cool down and I was happy that I got my HR down to the mid-130s by the time I finished up. I was pleased with the run on the whole and happy I did what I did. There are plenty of hot days left to increase the miles on. For now I'm just going to ease into it.

The plan for tomorrow is to run for about an hour so it will be a 5-6 mile night. Will be interested to see how my body is adapting.

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