Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28

Figuring things out for yourself is probably one of the most fun things in life. I've always been fascinated by how things operate and if you give me the time, the tools and the basics, generally I can work through any problem. At times I may over-think things and get sideways but after I step away and come back with a fresh mindset I get back on track.

This same curiosity is why I find the Maffetone Method or MAF is such a great fit for me. When I first came upon it and then read his book 1:59 I thought I somehow missed the training schedule and diet plan. Well you cant miss what isn't there. Confused? Well this will explain it.
The Maffetone Method is simple yet vast because that’s the nature of humans. It’s built on principles, not processes. In essence, it’s a holistic approach to help the individual figure out what makes him or her tick.

By taking this journey you become responsible for your own destiny—and capable of managing it: the reward is that you can be healthier than you’ve ever been, fit enough to reach your athletic goals, and live out your days with an unwavering quality of life.
So there are basics; do the MAF Test, follow the 180 Formula, eliminate processed carbs and sugar from your diet, reduce stress in your life and get plenty of rest. Pretty simple, huh? Really what it comes down to is this.
Training = Diet + Workout + Recovery
Well lately I have gotten away from the simplicity of MAF and battling the heat has gotten me all wound up as. I run to relieve stress, not create it so it's back to the beginning for this boy. Fortunately I've been very good with my diet (although I do need to intake more fat and less protein to get to a better state of ketosis) as well as getting semi-adequate sleep (certainly room for improvement). 

In all honesty, a big part of the problem has been between the ears but the tinkering and overtraining has exacerbated that as well. Time to step back and get my mind right.

Since I was only going to be running for under 90 minutes I decided to sleep in a bit but I was still up, out and on the local track before 7. With the temps in the upper 80s and a light breeze it was quite nice but a bit humid after last night's haboob (get your mind out of the gutter, its a dust storm) so I was hoping for a good run.

I started out walking the first lap before starting a light jog for lap #2 before picking up the pace over 3 and 4. I was a bit surprised that I got the 1 mile about 30 yards before I got to the start/finish line but I was going to have to live with it. Stupid GPS.

As I got going for the first mile I had the pace display shut off so I was quite astounded that it cam in at 11:20. This was very encouraging given that I never got above 131 bpm and haven't been this fast even at 137 bpm. It's probably a good time to mention that I also went back to 180 - age (49) to get my MHR.

I was equally as happy with miles 2 and 3 at 11:23 and 11:49 but somewhat surprised that mile 4 was faster at 11:30 since I should be getting positive splits throughout. It also could do with the wonky GPS or just that I was more focused during the last mile. Running slow laps by yourself on a track is BORING and I did catch myself in the mid-120s a lot on mile 3.

And that was that. The outcome was actually better than expected and I believe a lot of it had to do with where my head was at. Hopefully this carries over through the rest day tomorrow and the 1 hour run on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see how 132 bpm in 100+ degree temps goes.

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