Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25

Unlike yesterday where I had somewhat cooler temps due to the cloud cover, tonight was going to be a full on sunny run with 100+ degree temps and my good friend the wind. Honestly I wasn't going to run as my TFL felt a bit stiff after the 45 minute ride home from work and I wasn't really looking forward to running in the heat but I got a moment's worth of motivation and quickly changed into my gear before I changed my mind.

As expect it was going to be a slow hour long run but the body doesn't know distance; only duration and effort so it was once again up to my body to dictate the terms. Not surprisingly my HR came up faster than I would have liked but it was still under control for the first mile. I wish the same could be said for the rest of the run.

For the next 3+ miles it was a battle to maintain a HR under 137 which made for a very inconsistent outing. Evey time I though I was in control it would come back up and I would have to back off further. Still I feel like I'm adapting somewhat to the conditions and I don't feel like I am working as hard as I was last week. This is also reflected in my splits.

The last mile was the toughest though and I needed to walk my HR down on a few occasions but it is what it is. As long as I'm seeing improvement and feel pretty good I just have to stay the course. And my TFL? Well once I got loose, I didn't even notice it. Also, now that I think of it, I didn't stand quite enough today. Mental note for tomorrow.

At least tomorrow is a rest day before I'm up before dawn again on Saturday. But if that's what it takes to BQ, so be it.

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