Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2

With a new month comes the beginning of a new cycle as things heat up in the Valley of the Sunburn and the temps get into the 100s for the foreseeable future. I've also done some thinking and reconsidering my original plan to run a crapton of miles leading up to my BQ attempt in September.

Well it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that at a year short of 50, this probably isn't the best approach since I begin to feel myself breaking down as I pass the 150 mile mark in a month. I also tried this tactic last summer, albeit with less miles but harder runs, and I was toast by September. Fortunately at that time I found Phil Maffetone's book 1:59 and discovered I didn't have to run myself into the ground to get faster and stronger.

The initial plan called for 7 miles but that got scaled back to 5 instead. The stepback week did a world of good and I'm not going to screw it up. Plus it was 98F at the start with a stiff wind out of the west so I knew I would be on the slower side and didn't want to run much over an hour anyway.

Even before I hit the road my HR was higher than normal and once I got out the heat was a shock to the system as my HR spiked to 140 bpm almost immediately. Luckily it came down after I slowed my roll and I was on my way.

I was feeling pretty comfortable and with my HR back where it should be I began to pick up the pace as I approached the 1 mile mark. Wouldn't you know it, almost immediately the Garmin buzzed me that I was over 137 bpm again. Time to slow back down.

After about a quarter mile I was in the low 130s again and figured I'd give it another shot at picking up the pace. But you guessed it, another spike. This was going to be a very slow one but it didn't mean that I still couldn't get in some quality miles.

From here I just plodded along with the only excitement was seeing a bunny run through the wash as I made the turn at the midway point. At least the wind would be at my back for the remainder of the outing. The final mile was certainly the best of the bunch. The sun had gone down enough that I would be in the shade from here on and this allowed the temperature to go down a couple degrees. Hey every little bit helps.

So summah has hit the valley and what doesn't kill me just pisses me off. The way I see it, I'm fortunate I can run. One of my Twitter running buds, Alex, is having achilles surgery tomorrow so while he's laid up, 1 mile of every run is for him. The dude is a badass in my book dealing with 2 forms of cancer and still running like a beast. Heal up fast bro.

Tomorrow will be a sort of speed day with a couple race pace miles on on the schedule.

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