Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17

Where you mind goes your body will follow. Or something like that.

Now that the shock of running in 100+ degree temps has worn off, my head and body had a good idea what to expect as the mercury was at 106 as I hit the road after my regular routine to get ready.

Unlike last night when my body freaked out a bit, tonight was a much easier transition. HR still came up quick but it was under control as I poked right along. While the plan called for a couple three pace miles with warmup and cool down, I was not going to put my body through that type of stress and opted for a somewhat less than 3 mile MAF run instead.

The run wasn't very exciting in the mid-12s but I was able to keep my HR under control save for the last half mile when I had to deal with a stiff headwind. Come on already, isn't the heat enough? Still, I got it done and felt good about it. Low stress runs are good and I'll be back at it to battle the heat for about an hour again tomorrow.

I'd be remiss in not mentioning that Dr Phil Maffetone's latest book, The Endurance Handbook,
just came out last week and I began reading it today. While it probably will not contain a lot of new information, it will reinforce what he teaches and I'm excited to see what nuggets of wisdom I'll uncover. As most of you know, I happened upon the Maffetone Method last September and I am a smarter runner because of it. I highly encourage everyone to check out his body of work; you will learn that through proper diet and training that you don't have to run yourself into the ground to get faster and stronger.

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