Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16

It's really a good thing that the body does not know distance, only duration because with the temp hovering around 105 at the start of tonight's run, it was going to be a slow one; a real slow one.

Now while the plan calls for a certain mileage, it more because it's a distance I know I can run in a given time. Tuesday's and Thursday are roughly 1 hour runs and depending on a variety of factors I can generally cover 5-7 miles in this time. Lately, due to the heat it's been 5 but 1 our running under 137 bpm is 1 hour running under 137 bpm no matter the distance.

Tonight it was my hope to get in 5 but when my HR spiked to the 140s then 150s in the first half mile I knew that was out the window. As much as I would like to say it is no big deal, it did get to me which increased the stress, as well as my HR and made for an aggravating first mile.

Mile 2 wasn't much better but since I was resigned to keeping it super slow I was able to catch my HR before it got too high and for the most part was able to head it of at 137/138 bpm. It was finally as I got into mile 3 that my body started to adapt a little and I was able to run for a little longer before I would need to do a short walk. It also didn't hurt that there was a bit more shade and that I saw a black kitty lounging on the grass in one of the green spaces.

When it was all said and done I managed to get in 4.2 miles in just under an hour. Nothing spectacular but it was a good effort none the less and every mile counts..

Is running 13 minute miles when it's over 100 and fun? Not really but I feel a whole lot better than I remember feeling after trying to blast out 3-4-5 mile runs in the 8s last summer in the heat and couldn't understand why I was getting slower even as I pushed harder. And I won't even mention the nagging injuries.

The important thing to remember is that it takes time to adapt to environmental changes and the harsher the change the more traumatic it is to the body. Running in the heat is rough but if I take it slow. I'll be fine. It's also important that I continue to maintain a proper diet and get plenty of sleep. With only 87 days until race day I just need to train smart, listen to my body and check my ego at the door.

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