Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10

First off, sorry for no post on last night's 5 mile run. I was working on getting acclimated to my new phone and there was nothing much exciting to report anyway. I ran, it was hot and I was slow. Tonight it was still hot but with it being a pace night the HRM warning was turned off for the 7:35ish miles.

The warmup mile went well and even saw a bunny in the first quarter mile so that was a good omen. As I brought the speed up gradually, I was at a 9 minute pace when I hit the first split. From here I continued to come up steadily and was soon where I wanted to be.

Even though it was a warm one I felt strong and smooth. With this being the 4th run with pace miles, I am way more comfortable with it and was able to keep at a more even keel. I was pleased with the 7:44 pace on mile 2 but it should have been better. I lost focus and drifted off which cost me some time towards the end of the mile.

I still felt great as I made the turn toward home just after the split while I motored along. I could really tell that my endurance level is getting better which also correlates with the fact that I have been eating super clean the last week plus. Amazing what happens when you take in the right fuel.

As the Garmin buzzed at the 3 mile mark I was almost disappointed that the pace miles were over. This is a far cry from the first attempt  4 weeks ago when I was sucking wind at the same point. I'm quite looking forward to upping the distance to 3 pace miles next week but for now I will take the 7:32 and closed the run out with a cool down mile.

Well that is that and I'll be back to MAF miles tomorrow. Now it's time for bed.

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