Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31

Setbacks are a normal part of life and if a crap run like yesterday is the worst thing I have to deal with on any given day, I will put that in the win column. Besides, life gives us a reset button known as a new day which provides us all with a fresh start and a blank canvas to work with.

So it was after a descent night's sleep the alarm went off at 5am and with a couple of snoozes I promptly fell back asleep to wake up at 6:15; oops. Still it wasn't too bad out yet and after a smoothie, some coffee and a warmup I was ready to hit the road at 7.

Now the temptation that all runners seem to have after a bad outing is to hit it harder the next time and certainly I wanted to get out there and rip off the 13 miles I was supposed to get in like nobody's business. In the past I would have done this just to sooth my ego but today I am wiser and since the schedule called for a 6 mile MAF run, that was what I was going to do.

While my legs still felt a little weary, I had far more pep in my step than I did yesterday which was a relief and after a good warmup mile I hit the gas and was able to go. Hooray. Even better I saw a bunny scamper into the brush along the road shortly into mile 2 so things were looking up.

Mile 2 went pretty well at 10:05 as I was aided by a slight tailwind and this would be the best I would see. Miles 3-5 were definitely slower at 10:36-10:48-10:36 though. I could have done them faster but the focus for today was to keep the HR below 137 bpm so pace was going to take a hit with temps in the 80s. Still I felt comfortable and finished of the run with a good cool down mile.

Well there you have it. Was it a great run? Not really but it was was more in line with where I should be. The reality of it is that I need to focus on eating clean and getting back into keto more than anything else because that is when I'm running my best. With only 3 and a half months left before the race, I need to get back on point and quit screwing around.

I also want to thank every for all the positive sentiments after yesterday's entry. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful support system in the running community. It's so cool that everyone has each other's back.

May total -  176.0 miles

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