Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30

Just like with life in general, running has its ups and downs and I am definately in a down right now.

This week I have been taking it easy since my body has been feeling a little beat up with over 160 miles logged in May through last weekend. I've also been eating like crap, munching on junk (popcorn and tortilla chips) in work, which hasn't helped either. Add to this that I haven't been getting to bed as early as I should either.

With temps expected to reach the 90s by 9am or so, I was up at 5:30 to get in 13 miles. From the start, even with a good night's sleep, I felt sluggish and had nothing during my warmup. This was going to make for a long effort.

It was still pleasant, in the mid-60s with a light breeze when I got out at 6:45 but I had nothing. I felt uncoordinated and all over the place but figured this would work it's way out after a bit. First mile is for getting up to speed and shaking things out so I wasn't too concerned. Still, my legs felt like jello and BBW was in my head; lovely.

As I approached the 1 mile split I tried to bring it up to pace and as I passed the split I went to accelerate but my legs said no. The only thing that came up was my HR as I felt like I was running in water. Think stomping on your car's gas pedal and it just bogs; that's where I was.

By now, BBW had me but good and I knew there was no way I was going to make 13. As the internal debate began over what to do, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to cut my losses and make it a 3 miler. Nothing good was going to come out of fighting through a shit run so when I reached the 1.5 mile mark I made the turn and headed back home.

It's a good thing I made this decision too because not long after I walked through the door I developed some GI issues. It could have been ugly. But that's what eating junk will do for you when your system isn't used to it. Time to get back on track of eating clean again. It's also a good thing I've signed up to get an Inside Tracker analysis. I'll probably do this later next week after I let my system do it's thing.

At least there is no apparent injury involved as it's not like anything was hurting; just dead legs. The only other bright spot out of all of this was it wasn't quite yet 7:30 so it was back to bed for me. At least I could rest up and have a bit of a do-over. It is what it is and the great thing about running, just as in life, tomorrow is another day.

On the plus side, it was great to see the dedication that Christine has since she took up running last month. She was up before me and was out the door for her 5 mile walk/run while I was still getting ready. She is making awesome progress and I am some proud of her effort.

So tomorrow's another day and the alarm is set for 5 again; we'll have to see where this leads.

Week ending May 30th - 13.1 miles

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