Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28

One of the rules of running is that when you feel ready to get back out, take one more day. So after deciding on Sunday that I needed to take a day or 2 off I got back at it today. Even though the schedule called for 7 miles today, I wasn't going to press my luck; cutting the run back to 3 instead. Plus it was still going to be in the mid-90s by the time I got out which influenced the decision as well.

During warmup the TFL was still a bit tight but everything felt alright once I was out on the road. This was going to be an easy run but I caught myself going too fast at the start. Gotta love fresh legs but I backed it down to let the HR come up gradually.

Pretty much from the beginning I wasn't in the now. Had a little something from the cubefarm that was grinding on me and lasted throughout the entire outing. Not only was this not helpful in getting quality time on the road but it was giving my HR some more to contend with. I wouldn't quite classify it as junk miles but let's just say it wasn't my best effort. At least it was a short one.

Regardless if where my mind was, my body felt good with no niggles or aches so I can take that as a positive. Tomorrow will be another rest day before I get out early on Saturday to do a hilly 13 before it turns into an inferno. It's forecasted to be in the mid-90s by 10 so I want to be done well before that.

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