Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24

To say I didn't feel like running today was an understatement. Still I got up and was out on the road by 9 for what was supposed to be a 12 mile day.

Right off the bat I knew this probably wasn't going to happen and wasn't going to press my luck. On last night's run I was getting inklings of stiffness in my TFL and by this morning it was noticeably tight and seriously had me considering a day off.

The warmup mile went well enough as I brought my HR up slowly. Even on mile 2 I felt strong and was comfortably running in the 9:30s while keeping my HR in the high 120s/low 130s. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. This feeling wasn't going to last very long.

As I got into mile 3 my legs began to feel heavier and my pace began to slow. Since my HR was staying down I gave some thought into trying to pick it up but decided against it. This wasn't going to be my day and just had to go where the run was going to take me. I had also settled on cutting back to 8 miles. No sense on pressing my luck.

By the time I hit the 4 mile mark I was done. My pace had slowed to the mid-11s and I had no choice but to go at this plodding pace. Fortunately there is a dirt road that crosses the dried creek bed that I could take to cut some more off the run. This was going to mean going down then back up 50 feet or so at the creek but at least it would shorten up the run.

The last couple miles were slow going but 7 miles is better than nothing. Or is it? If I had it to do over, I probably would have stayed in bed to rest up. As it is, tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and 2 days off would have gone a long way. Now I'm thinking it may be best to take Tuesday and maybe Wednesday off to give my legs a chance to recover. It's a stepback week as it is and I want to head off any budding niggles like my TFL. It's far better to lose a few days now than some serious time later with the BQ race less than 4 month away.

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