Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23 Part 2

It wasn't until I got in and settled that I realized how wise of a decision it had been to cut the run short at just over 18 miles. Given that I was beginning to feel a little lightheaded, I was probably dehydrated even though my pee looked clear enough. Right now it was time to refuel, rehydrate and rest and there is no better way to start than a finely cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs courtesy of Christine. So after a few hours of mindless TV and surfing the interwebz, it was time to get back at it. The only question was if I was going to do 6 or 9.

My heart was telling me 9 but my head, knowing that 12 mile was on the schedule for tomorrow knew that I should keep it short. After all it was now in the low 80s and even though I felt good, who knows what would happen once I was out there. I decided I would let my legs make the call.

Once I got out I knew it was going to be a 6 miler. Although I felt good I was a little clunky and could also feel the making of a blister reappearing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Since I got in a good warmup and was pretty loose already, I only went with a half mile warmup to bring the HR up before I got into it. Not that it didn't come right up no matter how slow I took it anyway.

After the first mile I couldn't believe how great I felt and figured I'd see how much I could get out of it. It could be a very bad decision to push the pace given my earlier run along with the heat but you don't know what you are capable of until you try. With that I let my legs do their thing.

I couldn't believe how well I was tearing it up as I ripped off an 8:49 mile 2 and was well on my way for the same on mile 3 until my legs decided they had had enough and slowed me right down. Suck! Good thing I hadn't opted for 9.

This in a way was a good thing because even though my but was dragging, I got a little bit of pep back in my step once I hit the slight decline a half mile later. From here on it it was just cruise and that I did for the next mile +. Even so, mile 5 was still a respectable 9:28 before I took that last easy mile to let everything settle down. My body was glad it was over because just before I finished my HR spiked from a descent 139 to 174. It had enough.

So that was my day. Nothing left but a nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine before it is off to bed. Those 12 miles won't run themselves tomorrow now, will they?

Week ending May 23rd - 54.3 miles

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