Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20

The day really flew by today being out of the cube farm in the morning and flying was the theme for the run tonight with the middle 2 miles of the scheduled 4 at 7:35 race pace.

Tonight was anther nice night for running; low 90s and overcast with a light breeze. It was even better when I saw a bunny scamper through the brush off the side of the road withing the first 100 feet. I knew it was going to be a good one.

I made sure to keep it slow and get up to temp but I was still a tick too quick at the very start. When the Garmin gave me the buzz at the 1 mile mark I was already moving along at a descent clip so it didn't take long until I reached the target pace.

Unlike last week where I seemed to have to push hard in the first mile, I felt a little more relaxed. The pace felt a bit easier as well but I missed my goal by 5 seconds. I can't complain though given that I was 11 seconds faster than last week with seemingly less effort and what probably kept it from being on point was the loss of focus a few times as I sped along.There was also another bunny sighting as well!

It was more of the same as I worked mile 3; smooth and strong where last week I was struggling somewhat toward the end. For a second I contemplated adding on another mile but it's too early in the cycle for that. There will be plenty more miles ahead and they don't all need to be run tonight. I closed out this mile at 7:31 which while good was a shade too fast. Still need to get my pacing down.

After a good cool down mile the run came to an end.

One of the things that BBW tried to feed me tonight was that if keeping this pace for 2 miles is this hard, doing it for 26.2 is damn near impossible. Now he may be right but when has that stopped me in the past? 2 1/2 years ago, running 4 miles nonstop was "impossible" when I failed on my first 2 attempts but I persisted.

Another "impossible" goal that I smashed was setting a 2 hour goal for my first half in January 2012 which I accomplished by almost 10 minutes. I also never thought I'd run a sub-20 5K but I did that just a year ago this week (I still think the course is short) so nothing is impossible. Plus, I have a 7:10 average half under my belt so BBW can KMA.

This goal of a 3:20 marathon may be a reach and it may be hard but it is in no way impossible. That's why I'll be back out tomorrow with 7 MAF miles .

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