Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19

Now I don't know if seeing a bunny just before you get home counts but I don't know of anything against it so pffft. All I know is that I was looking forward to the run all day but the moment I got in the door door, all that ambition left. Fortunately all I have to do is think about all the people that are running through issues or can't run at all and that snaps me back into it. Besides it was too nice a night not to run and the schedule called for 7 miles.

The warmup mile went well but I'm beginning to notice a trend where I'm getting my HR up too fast and am more worried about speed than properly getting my body ready. This has to stop. Other than that the run went really well. Coming off a rest day I allow myself to push the HR more to the 135-136 range so that helps to get me moving a little quicker.

On the subject of the HRM I finally contacted Garmin support and they have a new unit on it way. This means Christine can finally start to monitor her HR now since she has been gracious enough to loan me hers in the intern.

The miles clicked off nicely once I got rolling and the 10:07 on mile 2 was the slowest of the "fast miles" which was great. What was even great was just after I passed the mile 3 mark I saw a longhair black cat which looked just like our Chuck and that certainly put a smile on my face not once but twice when I passed it again after the turnaround at 3.5 miles. Even better than 1000 bunnies.

I really can't believe how lucky we've been here in the desert with the great weather we have been having. How can you not love running in the low 80s with a light breeze as the sun is going down? And to think I wanted to pass this up. I even considered pushing to 8 but it was getting dark and I didn't have my Run-Bright lights (==>). It also wasn't on the schedule and there is no use pushing it too far.

Tomorrow will be a fun day with a little extra curricular auto mechanican for a job related project. It's always fun to get out of the office and do some wrench twisting. After that It's 4 miles on the schedule with the middle 2 as close to goal pace of 7:35 as possible.

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