Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14

Mickey Mantle has been quoted as saying "If I knew I'd live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.". I often say the same thing after some of the abuse I put my body through fro about 30 year but for someone who is now 364 days away from 50, I think I'm doing pretty damn well.

The plan for tonight called for 7 miles and the weather for tonight called for 15 mph winds with gusts up to 30. Yikes!! At least I could see by the flags I passed as I was heading home from work that this would mean a nice tailwind for the last half of the run.

After the usual warmup, I hit the road and was immediately into the teeth of the brisk wind coming out of the southwest. I had pretty much made up my mind that with tonight being more of a recovery night, I'd probably only do 5; no use overdoing it and shredding my legs with 22 coming up on Saturday.

Soon BBW was in my head and almost had me convinced that I should scale it back to 3 but I thought, screw him. It's not even worth going out if I only going to do 3 miles and besides, we train for all conditions. 5 it was going to be.

Now the interesting thing was that even though the wind was blowing hard in my face, I was running respectably in the low 10s with my HR staying in the sweet zone and my legs feeling pretty good. When mile 2 came in at 10:11 I was pretty encouraged and soon began to think about stretching it out to 6 miles.

As I approached the turn-around at 2.5 miles I began to go back and forth but that decision was made by my legs as they just kept on going straight. Looks like it was going to be 6 miles after all and for a moment I even considered going for 7. Unfortunately it was a cloudy evening and there wouldn't be enough daylight for me to be out without my Run-Bright LED Lights (==>). 6 would take an hour and that is the training mark anyway; time not distance.

Mile 3 was a little slower at 10:21 and due to a few HR spikes early that required me to slow way down, mile 4 was even slower at 10:27. Still, speed is of no importance for this outing and with the wind now at my back I had a good amount of energy left with mile 5 coming in at 10:11. Although I had more left in the tank it was time to throttle it down for the last mile to cool everything down.

I have to say that while it sucked when I was in it, the wind didn't seem all that bad. At least I got through it and with a day off to sleep in, I'm glad I manned up and got it done.

Happy Birthday to me!

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