Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12

While we wait for the hammer to fall here in the desert you'll get no complaints from me with these cooler temps even though it is on the windy side. It's inevitable that very soon we'll be seeing 100+ degree days so there is nothing to do but enjoy it while it lasts.

After a nice rest day it was back at it again with a 7 miler on the schedule. As mentioned, the winds were up again tonight but as usual, they were favorable in that they would be at my back for the last half of the run. Unfortunately that offers very little solace as I labor through the first half.

Not sure why but slow was the word that best describes tonight's effort. Certainly the wind played a major factor in it and maybe the light fast I'm doing also played a role but it was just one of those nights that I didn't have it. I'll just chalk it up to it being a bunnyless run.

With the wind blowing hard in my face, I was working a lot harder than I should have and got over 137 bpm more times than I would have liked. With a pace in the mid-10s for the most part, I was somewhat faster after the turn but after 4 miles of fighting, the legs were getting heavy.

Still, it was a good quality run and I'm happy with it. Tomorrow will be a short run with a few miles at a 7:35 pace to get my body used to it but for now, it's late, I'm tired and ready for bed.

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