Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9

Another good run, another 6 miles in the books and another night of progress. I'm really noticing the improvement every time I hit the road since I got my poop in a group 3 weeks ago. There really hasn't been a bad run in the lot. Sure the long runs have been tough but that has to be expected and I am making strides in them as well. And with the new Skora Tempos set to arrive tomorrow, I'm hoping they will make the long runs a little easier on me.

There's really not much to be said about tonight's run that hasn't been said about the previous ones with the consistency of them becoming routine. I just can't get complacent because I still have a lot of work to do in the next 5 months if I want to get that BQ.

The warmup was good tonight and the first mile went slow as I brought my HR up gradually. A funny thought crossed my mind when I was plodding along at the start. The first and last half mile of my runs is along the busiest stretch of road in my area and I wonder how many people see me doing the jogger shuffle and are either laughing at me or feel sorry for me. Little do they know that it's part of the training. That's the thing about HR training, you really need to check your ego at the door. The odd things we think about when we're out on the road.

By the time I worked into mile 2 I was feeling really good with a smooth stride and what felt like a quick pace so I wasn't surprised when I saw the split of 9:39. This had to be one of the fastest miles in months and I was loving it. Mile 3 felt just as good but was slower at 9:56 as I noticed I was beginning to work harder.

It was on a slight incline shortly before I hit the 4 mile mark that I could feel my legs were getting heavier as fatigue began to set in. This isn't much of a bad thing because with only a mile to go before I got into the cool down, I knew that I was pushing myself just enough. With mile 4 coming in at 10:04 and mile 5 at 10:15 I was satisfied with the positive splits since that is what is expected on a good MAF run. After a good final mile where I gradually took my HR down to the high one-teens it was time to call it a night.

With that success and a rest day tomorrow, I should be in great shape for Saturday's 5K. I'm not shooting for a PR, that comes later in the month, so I'll be very happy with a sub-21:00. I'm pretty sure I have it in me.

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