Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8

Tonight it was back in the fast lane with intervals that I call 2x4s; 2 tenth slow followed by 4 tenths all out. Sounds easy enough but by the third or fourth one you are feeling like you were hit by one. On the schedule was 4 intervals for about 3 miles give or take with warmup and cool down included.

Things started off well enough but once I hit the road there was. a slight problem; it's been so long since I did them I forgot how to work my Garmin. After the run had started I realized that I didn't properly set the time and had to pull over to reset everything. At least it's better than doing the run and not recording the data.

So after a reboot I was back at it and after a quarter mile jog to loosen up, the buzzer sounded and I was off. Since I don't have the pace display up, I didn't know how fast I was going at the time but I know I was trucking. I also know that halfway in I was feeling it but kept pushing. When the buzzer finally went off to tell me the interval was done, I was too.

Then it was time for tech glitch #2 as I got into the first recovery session when I realized I hadn't programmed properly so instead of a .2 mile interval, I was set for .25 miles. Ok more rest is better the first time out anyway.

This was a much needed break and I felt like I recovered well. By the time I was ready to start interval 2 my breathing and HR had come back down to normal. This time I felt a bit stronger but once again as I hit the halfway point is was struggling to keep it up. On this night BBW was nowhere to be found as I reminded myself what happens when you quit which motivated me to press on. Soon enough it was over and time for recovery.

For the most part, intervals 3 and 4 were the same except progressively harder. Still I managed to fight through it and when the final one was over, I know I had given it everything I had.

As I review the numbers, I was very happy with the results (fast intervals)

Split Distance Time Avg Pace Best Pace Avg HR Max HR
2 0.4 02:44.3 6:51 6:03 150 174
4 0.4 02:42.1 6:46 6:15 150 165
6 0.4 02:34.6 6:27 5:30 159 171
8 0.4 02:39.0 6:38 5:42 155 171

Certainly room for improvement but definitely a good place to start. Tomorrow calls for a return to HR with 6 miles on the schedule before a rest day on Friday.

In other new which has me very exciting, Christine is going to do the Run3rd 5K on Saturday. While she's only going to walk it that's still an important first step. Yay cloud!

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