Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7

I try to avoid getting too low when things are going bad because the ebbs of life always turn into a flow. This is also the reason I try not to get too high when things are going well but damn running is fun again now that I got my mind right.

Was home early again due in part to a accident that had the freeway bottled up right before my on ramp. This made for very light rush hour traffic; just hope no one was hurt. Got in got changed and got warmed up but good. Didn't want any repeats of this weekends pitiful attempts.

The schedule called for 6 miles tonight with the first and last being slow to get the HR up gradually in the beginning and take it down easily at the end. This makes for some slow going but seems well worth it. I still need to get over letting my mind wander though because when I get out of the now I tend to go a bit too fast. This caused a brief spike up to 137 bpm in the first mile but I was able to get it back down into the mis-120s just as fast.

As I got to the 3/4 mile mark I started to bring it slightly and by the time I completed the first mile I was ready to get into the low 130s. After a half mile or so I picked it up some more and pretty much through to the end of mile 5 stayed in the 133-136 zone with only an occasional jump over 137.

It was a nice night, low 80s with a bit of a wind so it made for a pleasant run. With the sun also being out longer I'm starting to see more people out for some exercise but it is still dark before 7 and no one else is wearing lights or reflective gear. People be safe and be seen dammit!

Consistancy was defiately the name of the game tonight as miles 2 through 5 clicked along at 10:04/133, 10:05/134, 9:57/135, 9:58/135 before it was time to ease it down for the final mile. Another nice run in the books.

Tomorrow will be back on the speed train with 2x4s; 2 tenth slow into 4 tenths all out for 4 cycles. By the time it's over I feel like I was hit by a 2x4 but speedwork is fun. With my first 5K (Run3rd 5K) since last September, it will be interesting to see how well the aerobic work pays off.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Skore released their new Tempo model yesterday and they are now available. Been waiting for this for some time now and can't wait to get those bad boys out on my long runs.

 I love my Skora Phase and Fit but the Phase with only an 11mm stack height is good for about 8-10 miles before my feet start to hurt. The Fit, with their 16mm height is better for longer runs but I start to feel it at around 16-18 miles as well. The Tempo with its 22mm cushion should be perfect for those 20+ mile runs that are on the schedule starting this coming Sunday.

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