Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5

Did not have high expectations for today's run. I felt a bit crunchy from yesterday's speedwork and probably had one glass of wine too many last night so I wasn't firing on all cylinders to say the least.

Since I wasn't feeling it I only went through the motions on my warm-up which caused a couple HR spikes necessitating 2 walk breaks right off the bat. My lower left calf was also feeling tight and achy not to mention BBW was trying to get into my head. I was in for a long morning.

Per the plan, mile 1 was intentionally slow to keep the HR in the low 120s. This worked well, other than the early spikes, as I was able to stay in the 120s through the next 5 miles. By now the calf discomfort had gone away and I was able to keep everything under control until the 13 mile mark only to take a quick rest stop and then to soak down my shirt.

Similar to my last couple long runs, the wheels didn't start to fall off until 5 miles to go. This wasn't unexpected but it doesn't mean it still didn't suck. At this point BBW reared his head again and as I struggled along I seriously was going to cut the run short by 2 miles. Fortunately I know how to beat BBW and when I got to where I would go straight for 16 or make a turn for 18, I didn't hesitate to make that turn. BQ's don't happen when you quit.

Soon the run was thankfully over and there was nothing left to do but relax and recover. A nap may or may not have been involved. Tomorrow will be a core day, I hope since I've bagged the last 2 in favor of rest, with 6 miles scheduled on Tuesday.

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